By our experience more than 20 years in inbound tourism to Thailand. We found that Thailand is not the destination that you will visit only one time and many guests fall in love with our land of smile, then they come back again and again with the question of "Do you have other new destinations that we not yet visited?" and this is the source of why we make www.privategroupthailand.com. 


Because Thailand is not just Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai but much more for you to explore and indulge by beautiful nature, exotic flavor of Thai food, interesting local culture, different Thai architecture style, the charming way of life of local people in different zones etc ... that we wish you to touch and head over heels in our country.   

We design many choices of small packages that you can combine them with your major program easily. 

Eventually, we wish you will have your wonderful unique trip and AMAZING THAILAND !  

  • To make more choices of different destinations for guests who visit Thailand. 

  • To make the private group exclusive for your closed friends and family which you can feel free or extremely enjoyable. 

  • Be one more way to expand the revenue to the local people who stay in these destinations to make them get more opportunities and sustain themselves.  

  • Give chance to the guests to touch Thailand deeply by not just seeing but by doing.  

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